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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It's been five days so I'm open for business....

Unfortunately because my regular photographer couldn't make it in last week to take the pictures I have been running behind a bit at getting them all out.  However I'm running all the final pieces today.  Again the pieces will not be put out in the case for two weeks.  If any of my blog readers want first chance at them, now is the time to call or come in.  Tomorrow or Friday I hope to be getting back to a normal blog and writing about something that is irritating me these days. 

I needed to get three shots of this boulder opal and diamond ring to show you what's going on in it.  If you've always wanted an opal ring this is a great one because there is lots of protection for the stone!

A new watermelon tourmaline bracelet. 

As you will see from my last two pieces I got a lot of beautiful drusy this year, most of it orange.  The pair on top also has natural color orange sapphires. 

So this all she wrote folks.  Although I'm finishing up a pair of disc earrings that I usually do with tourmalines with a pair of beautiful orange garnets.  I really am into orange this year.................

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