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Wednesday, April 22, 2020


If you're all being responsible about not spreading or getting the Covid-19 virus then you are probably wearing some kind of a mask on a regular basis.  You're supposed to wear a mask anytime you go out which inevitably means you have to strap bands around your ears and unstrap them every time you put the mask on or take it off.

 But here's a warning:  If you have some beautiful studs of mine like the 18k yellow gold orangey/pink sapphire ones in the picture here (okay, or any other studs since there is only one pair of these out there) you have to be extremely careful about them not being pulled off by the elastic straps.  I have personally already lost (and fortunately found) two of my stud earrings that I wear. 

I recommend checking your ears for your earrings every time you are using a mask, especially when taking it off which I think is the time it is more likely to grab on a post and pull it out of your ear!

Thursday, April 9, 2020


Well it took an international crisis to get me to write a blog article again but here I am.  Part of this is because I have a little more time since I have very little business (and no customers to interact with at the store)  but part of it is also to reassure you that I am still in business at the moment and to fill you in on some exciting new changes.

First of all I have added some pages of pieces of mine that are actually for sale on my website.  Partial descriptions and pricing is included.  At the moment you have to email me for further details and to arrange for purchases but ultimately we hope to move to a selling platform of some sort on line.  That is going to take awhile so don't hold your breath but it's in the future.  So please make sure you check out my website when you get a chance.  

The piece pictured above is a custom ring I made for customers of mine who I believe are my longest term customers.  They are preparing to celebrate a 40th anniversary and he wanted to get something outstanding for her. This is a 5 ct. natural color purple/blue color change sapphire and is one of the most beautiful and most expensive colored stones I have ever had the pleasure of working with and selling.  When you spend an hour or so actually setting the stone (not making the ring but actually setting it in the bezel) you get to know stones up close and personal and this is one of the most stunning ones I have ever set.  The ring is a combination of 950 platinum and 18k yellow gold.  As always it is wonderful to have customers who appreciate what I do so much that they will purchase something like this from me for such a special occasion.  

My new articles here will be briefer than they were but I will be writing at least a few each week so stay tuned for more.  And please remember to check out my Instagram feed for all the latest pictures of new pieces and custom work.  Thanks for reading!