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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just Some Pictures and a Few Words

Yellow gold pendant w/ carved white drusy moonface and diamond
18k yellow gold carved quartz drusy moonface and diamond pendant
Happily I survived my hernia operation without any lasting effects, and apparently not much of a scar either.  I was also back at work quite a bit faster than my doctor had anticipated but that's kind of typical for the self employed I believe.  The moon face drusy that I wrote about in my last posting is finished up (as you can see in the accompanying picture) and I'm quite pleased with the result.  I'm in touch with the supplier about getting another one but I believe she is still out on the road and hasn't returned to Germany yet where she said she had more stock.  So I can't tell you yet that I will actually be able to get another one I'm as happy with as this one, but there is a possibility.  In the meanwhile if you're desperate to get a new piece of mine I just put out these earrings with sapphires and diamonds:
Oval 18k yellow gold earrings with blue sapphires and diamonds
18k yellow gold, blue sapphire and diamond earrings
And I'm sure you are all desperate to get something because jewelry is such an important part of your lives!  The sapphires in these earrings were particularly nice.  They are a little darker than they appear in the picture but they are quite lively and a very rich color. 

I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves in this posting.  If I write anything about what I feel like writing about (dysfunction of our government) I might get too many people upset.  Actually I would just get myself upset too so I'm not going down that path. 

I'm always looking for feedback!  Anyone want to hear about something in particular in my business?  Please let me know.