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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Opals Are In

I just met with my opal/South Sea pearl dealer on Tuesday and, as usual, ended up with some magnificent new stones. I got two strands of small boulder opal beads and a strand of black South Sea keshi pearls that are all at the stringer now (pictures will be posted once they return). I also got a few very unusual opal pieces in, one of which will be going out in a pin shortly, one, a piece from Koroit in Australia, in a pendant and I got an absolutely psychedelic smaller piece that I am going to be setting up in a ring fairly soon. Pictures of these will be posted as they come out. Anyone interested in seeing the unset stones can come in anytime. I didn't get a lot but what I did get were absolutely unique pieces. The comet pin with a boulder opal and emeralds pictured here is not one of my new pieces but it was a great one!