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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm back from vacation and into the full swing of things again. I left with a huge pile of work in my folder so I'm going to be bogged down for a bit. I was working 7 day weeks up to the vacation and may have to go back to them now that I'm back. I'm never sure how much rest I actually get when I take time off because I have to work so hard on either end of it. We spent part of the week at home and went to Martha's Vineyard for four days as well. It is still early in their season there but I couldn't get much of a feeling from the merchants how things seemed to be going other than that it wasn't bad. It looked a little quieter on the streets of Edgartown to me than in past years but this time we were actually staying in Edgartown so it might have just been that I was there more of the time so it didn't contrast to the quiet on the ends of the island. Certainly the summer traffic jams were still there! I managed to eat lobster every day we were there and we brought some home too for our first night back! I'm finished I think for a month or two. That was about as much lobster as I need for awhile. If any of you should be heading to the island I can't recommend this place enough for eating and drinking: L'etoile.

I do have pictures of a couple of new pairs of earrings that I just put out but I wanted to post a custom pair of earrings I finished just before my break for Heidi, who is not only a great person but coincidentally has great taste in jewelry! They are pictured above and have diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds in them. I made them up to go with a ring I made for her recently (although the ring didn't have the emeralds as I view them as a no no in rings).

Marriage proposals seem to be in the air. I've had a number of young gents in, during the last two days that I have been back from vacation, looking at engagement rings. I always love selling engagement rings. It portends the start of something so wonderful in life: the uniting of two people to form a family, hopefully for life. I also love knowing that I've played a role in it.

If I keep writing I'm going to have some unhappy people waiting for their custom jobs so I have to keep this one short. In the next few days I'll post the newest earring pictures.

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