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Thursday, May 31, 2012

I am constantly confused by selling patterns these days. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for what is happening. After a four month period from January through April of selling virtually nothing out of my cases but taking in a lot of orders, in May I suddenly began selling only things out of the cases and taking in virtually no new orders. If only any of this made any sense.... But the good thing about selling stuff out of the cases is that it means I get to make some new designs up and I am currently working on a number of new pieces. Pictures of the new items will be posted as they come out but I am posting two pictures of some very old pieces in this posting. I tend to forget over time some of the things I have done so when a customer brought in these pieces one of them surprised me. I had no memory of making a pair of earring with one yellow and one blue sapphire but there they were. Apparently my penchant for making mismatched pairs of earrings started longer ago then I thought.

In the works I have a pair of mismatched earrings with a larger carved spectrolite face in one of them. I can no longer get carved spectrolite faces in this quality as the carver has retired and the stock he had of this wonderful, high quality material was depleted. I also have a beautiful boulder opal going into a pendant with emeralds. I just put out a somewhat older ring design that I haven't had out in quite awhile with a magnificent unheated, natural color blue sapphire in it and I have a new wedding band design out with diamonds around the band. Again, pictures will be forthcoming.

Please note I will be closing for a little over a week at the beginning of July and part of a week near the end of August. If you have plans to come and see me please call first to make sure what my hours are.

Top picture is 18k yellow gold with blue and yellow sapphire. Bottom picture is 18k gold with freshwater pearls and purple sapphires.

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