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Friday, September 16, 2016

What the heck are you doing?

Pricing out the new jewels!
So I know I've been sending out some teasers here but let me explain what I'm doing this year. Back in July I closed the store for a four day period so I could spend almost a week just making up new stock for the cases.  It was a great week for me as it's one of the things I love to do the most.  I mostly finished, got started on, or fleshed out a large (for me) grouping of pieces.  Almost all the stones I used I purchased in the month prior specifically for the grouping.  Usually I put out new designs as I finish them but I wanted to do it a little differently this year because to me, at any rate, they felt like a group.

I wanted to produce some work that followed many of my usual themes but also I had some fun playing with how asymmetry and balance impact appearance.  Every piece I made is a one of a kind, completely hand made piece (no castings).  Basically this is going to be my entire production of new designs for the rest of the year (I will be producing many of my regular designs on an ongoing basis however so don't worry, I'll still have plenty of stuff to buy).  I have never put out this many new designs at once. 

So what does this mean for you, all my faithful blog readers?  I am having pictures of them taken on Saturday September 24 and I am hoping to begin posting pictures of them here on the blog beginning on the 25th, probably at the rate of 3 per day (this should take 5 days).  From the day the last pieces are shown on the blog, my blog readers will have the exclusive opportunity to purchase the pieces for a 2 week period (phone orders are fine too) before I put them out in the cases for the general public. 

If you're thinking of something for the holidays this will be your best chance to get something new from me for awhile.  If you haven't treated yourself in awhile, well it's a good time to get something new just for you.  So keep your eyes on the blog in the next few weeks!

And PS if you aren't following me on Instagram yet you should start as most new pictures of pieces I make (both custom and stock) are showing up on there first these days.  I'm under daniel_spirer_jewelers. 

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