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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I'm Still Alive

18k yellow gold and ruby ring
I know I've been absent from my blog these days and I apologize.   I was extremely busy this past holiday season and I was working pretty much non stop.  On top of that I managed to come down with a plague right in the middle of it but had no time to stop working.  I'm actually still working fairly hard but I finally managed to have a couple of days off (Christmas and New Years) so I'm starting to recover a bit.  Unfortunately when you run a small business it doesn't really matter what time of year it is.  I'm still hard at work on taking inventory and catching up on all the paperwork I neglected last month.  And I still have a number of jobs in house to work on.  I will however be closing for about a week and a half to take a small break.  We are going to have some workmen in doing renovations on our workshop space while I'm on break but we will not be open again until January 20.

But let me first wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope you all had a great holiday. It's always nice to start a new year out on the right foot and my holiday sales helped me to do that this year.  If any of you are reading this who helped contribute to that I'd like to thank you.  I really do appreciate all of the business that people bring my way.  It's not easy being a small businessman sometimes but I love how much people still come in to work with me.  And I especially like it when I hear things like what an elderly couple said to me the other day after they brought in a minor repair job for me to work on.  When they were leaving and I was thanking them they said "Oh, we wouldn't think about going anywhere else for this! You're the only one we trust". Even though it was a simple job, I appreciate the compliment!

This is all I have time to write at the moment but I promise when I'm back from my break I'll be writing more regularly.  If you live in the Northeast enjoy the lovely spring weather we're having!

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