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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My customers have a sense of humor too! And on a musical note.....

I always like it when people buy their own gifts.  It saves a lot of angst by their significant other over what to buy.  It also makes a statement that you are strong enough in your relationship that not everything needs an approval by your partner.  One of my favorite customers came in the other day and spotted a ring she fell in love with.  Her birthday was coming up so she figured she would just buy it and then give it to her husband to give to her on the actual day.  When the day came a week later he gave her the box and this is what she found inside of it:
Needless to say this isn't exactly the ring I made up! He did hand over the real one immediately afterwards. 

round disc pendant with engraved musical measure
18k yellow gold pendant with diamonds

I had another customer in recently who came in for an interesting custom job.  He wanted a measure from Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte on a pendant.  I know it had great significance to the couple although honestly I didn't ask what that was.  I thought that simply engraving the measure on the piece wasn't really going to be interesting enough so I suggested a more interesting bail. The tiny diamonds were the customer's idea as well.  Apparently his wife cried when she realized what the measure was from. Got a favorite musical measure?  Let me know and I'll see what I can do for you!    


  1. I have been a delighted customer of Spirer Jewelers/Daniel's for 20+ years. I have learned so much about gems, design, and how to indulge my love of beauty while supporting an artist. I look forward to my 6 month visits for the cleaning that makes my gems sparkle extra bright, to catch up with Daniel and to see his latest gorgeous creations, and to plan my next birthday gift to myself. I was just telling my husband that there isn't another jeweler/gemologist from whom I would buy gems (unless, of course, Daniel approved of the individual as knowledgeable and trustworthy). Thank you, Daniel, for making our world a more beautiful place!! (and I love your hair...)
    A. Wallace

  2. hahah, i would be one of those customers. I bought my engagement ring (behind my partner's back because I couldn't wait!), with the intention of giving it to him to give to me. When it arrived, he took it from the postman and hid it from me! Dammit :)