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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Store Hours

Rectangular 18k gold earrings with triangular garnets at the top
18k yellow gold and garnet earrings
I have talked about my new summer hours a couple of times already but now I want to announce new permanent hours.  But first, a little background:

When I decided to make my Thursday evening hours by appointment only it was actually for two reasons.  The first, of course, was because it was the summer and I felt like I deserved to get out of here a little earlier to enjoy the extra daylight and warmth.  The second reason, however, was because for the three months prior to the summer no one seemed to be coming in during my late hours on Thursdays.  I felt kind of ridiculous staying here late all the time when no one seemed to come in.  After all, I was doing it for my customer's convenience, not because I like to work late (not that I don't do that a lot anyway).  So I changed my hours to make 6-8 pm on Thursdays by appointment only.  And a funny thing happened.  Suddenly people were calling up every week to make appointments for Thursday night.  I have actually only managed to close at 6 pm on a Thursday two times since I started this.  Apparently people like to make appointments to see me.  Or they just don't really want me to go home early ever.  But for whatever reason, it actually seems to be working better for me. At least this way if I have to stay late it's for a reason. 

Consequently, effective immediately, my new permanent store hours will be as follows:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday   11-6
Thursday evenings from 6-8 by appointment only
Saturday 11-5

The new earrings above have some nice rhodolite garnets in them. 

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