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Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'm Back and Valentine's Day is Coming!

Every year that it is possible my wife and I like to go out to California in the winter and specifically to the area I consider to be the most beautiful in the country, Big Sur.  We were fortunate enough to go again this year, and despite the fact that we were both fighting with the flu in the first week, it was as beautiful (albeit a bit nippy this year) as ever.   Driving down Route 1 along the coastline, once you leave Carmel is one of the most astoundingly beautiful (and somewhat scary) drives there is.  This year there was an area of the road that had fallen off the cliff and into the ocean so there was a short gap where it became a one lane road (with traffic lights at either end) while they worked on the gap.  Both my wife and I wondered who was the first person to come up the road when half of it had disappeared into the Pacific Ocean.  This has also been a very wet winter in Big Sur and, in about 30 years of occasional trips out there, I have never seen it so green.  The plants were certainly enjoying the rain that is usually so infrequent there. I always like to go to Big Sur because it reminds me to slow down and enjoy the scenery, and reminds me that my product is as visual as the surroundings are there.  So I'm hoping that my creative juices will be revved up from the trip as I get started up again this year.  

VALENTINE'S DAY IS COMING.  Yes, I'm sure you gents were thinking I would let you sneak by this holiday.  But this is really my favorite holiday because it's all about the love, and love is what I sell here. I know, it looks and feels like a piece of metal, but really it's the love behind it that makes it what it is, and that is what makes me so happy about selling my product.  I know it sounds corny but I do honestly love what I do because of what my product represents to people.  Who else has a job that lets them be a part of so many romantic times in our lives?  Not only do I get to be a part of proposals and weddings, but then you wear those representations of love and commitment (that I made) for the rest of your lives!  And on top of that you can come back to me for all those important anniversaries (you know, like the 3rd and 7th year anniversaries (-;  )   But Valentine's Day is always special to me because the only thing it's about is love, and I'm a big believer in love. What a great time to give a pin, or earrings, or a bracelet with hearts on it to someone!  The bracelet pictured here is actually my wife's but it's a great idea if you want to give something which you can add to over the years.  You can start with one charm and give a new one on any other special occasions.  And no they don't have to all be hearts.  This one has a 22k gold handmade chain and 18k yellow, white and pink gold charms with rubies and diamonds (shown) and orange sapphires and diamonds (on the reverse side of one charm).  So for all you romantics out there, you should be thinking about this (especially those of you who got the evil eye this Christmas for not having one of my pieces under the tree)!

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