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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More Opal Jewelry

It seems that as soon as I post a picture of something on here it sells, so I figured I would keep up the roll here with some new pieces I have just put out. The Tahitian black pearls pictured three posts ago sold yesterday. This piece is a Kuroit boulder opal in 18k yellow gold.  I really like the Kuroit opals as they often look like little pictures with the way the seams run through them.  I was not a rock collector as a child and my fascination with gems really didn't start until I got into the business as a teenager.  But ever since I started working with gems my interest has only grown. There is always something new out there and with stones like opals, almost every one of them is unique in its own way.  The picture below is a custom job I just made up for a customer who had her own boulder opal. We recut the opal slightly to take off a somewhat less lively end of it (now she has a nice stone to make a pendant out of) and did a takeoff on some of my other opal bracelets.

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    Nice to see these two collection of Opal jewelry. And I am looking for more.