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Thursday, June 24, 2010

How About Some Feedback

I know that some people out there are actually reading my blog because I routinely get customers in who said they read it. But honestly guys, I'd really love some feedback. Any and all comments are appreciated. Is there something you've found helpful? Is there a posting you hated? Is there something you'd like me to write about? Is there something you don't want me to write about? Would you like to see more pictures of something? Please let me know. And become a follower too! By the way I also can be found on Facebook and I have a fan page for my store as well. Join up and become a fan!

Pictured above are some new 18k gold, turquoise and diamond earrings.


  1. It's tough to keep writing when you don't get any feedback isn't it. I completely understand. I do read your blog and greatly admire your work. My favorite articles are always about technique and design.
    Lots of luck. Hope you get some feedback!

  2. (Sorry, not insurance, but appraisal--they are closely connected though!)

  3. Hi Dan,

    As you know, I'm new here. But I was really glad to see the detailed information on insurance, as this is something I still don't totally understand and need to take care of.

    I'm always interested in bits about the technical process (like the recent post on mokume gane). I would also love to learn more about gemstones. Is alexandrite really all that rare, and why? Can you talk some about the current treatment processes for gemstones, what you feel is OK/normal and what isn't? Are most black pearls dyed? What do you think about the various artificial diamond creation techniques? What are some gemstone cuts you like or don't, and why?

    I'd also be interested in seeing photos of jewelry styles that influenced you.

  4. Hi Laurel,
    If you read back far enough in the blog you'll see that I do talk about gemstone treatments. I think if you type gemstone treatments in the search it will take you to the posts. Also I recently posted about a piece I had made up with synthetic diamonds (made from a customer's cat). I'll work on some of the other topics you're bringing up in the next few months (I'm on vacation for the first part of July so I won't be posting much for awhile).