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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day

Two posts in one day but this second one is somewhat time critical. It's almost Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is my most favorite holiday. What single day most represents expressing your love to another person more than Valentine's Day? It's a holiday that's all about love (at least in modern times). Additionally it's got the color red associated with it so rubies make great gifts for the day!!

I routinely sell a few gifts for the day but I really wish more guys would think about it as a great alternative to giving jewelry for Christmas. First of all, a stunning piece of jewelry is much less expected on the day (the usual gifts being chocolates and flowers) than it would be on Christmas or a birthday. Secondly it is all about showing love to that significant other. I love to make heart pieces for the holiday (check out my wife's charm bracelet that the charms were all for Valentine's Day) because I think hearts are just a great shape to work with. Traditionally I only make one pin or pair of earrings with a heart motif for the holiday. Also traditionally I never sell it for Valentine's Day but some other holiday (why, I don't know, but it seems to be a tradition). I am currently finishing up my one heart pin (with a small ruby in it) and plan to have it out in the cases by the end of the day today(maybe I can get a picture of it up here too) and it will go lovingly out into the case, most likely to sit there for a few months until someone who really loves someone else will give it as a present.

And guys it's also a great day to get engaged. So get out there and get going!

The earrings pictured are 18k yellow gold with South Sea black pearls. I made this design for the first time just before Christmas and sold three pairs for the holidays. This pair I just made up yesterday and my new friend Fred came in this morning and bought them for his sweetie for Valentine's Day. I'm sure that he will have a great Valentine's Day!!!
This comment is later in the day. I just added the new VDay pin picture above.

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