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Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Two heart pin with red stone in pink and yellow gold
18k pink and yellow gold heart pin with ruby
There are two really good reasons why you should give jewelry as a Valentine's Day gift.  The first is that you don't get fat from jewelry!  No matter what, when you get on the scale on February 15, even if you're wearing your new present, you will weigh the same as you did the day before. 

The second is that jewelry doesn't wilt and die a week after you get it!  I guarantee this.  Ten years from now it will still be alive and functional (unless you're like Morticia Addams and you've saved the dead roses for that long). 

But if you absolutely must give roses for the holiday how about considering some like this:
red stones with two roses attached to each
22k roses and garnets
I'm just saying...............

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