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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I always enjoy selling new designs more than old ones. Don't get me wrong. I always enjoy selling any of my jewelry. But, when I have a new idea, and it sells almost right away, or fairly soon after I make it, it gives me a much better kick. It means to me that I wasn't just imagining things when I decided it was a great piece to make.

While I also enjoy selling to anyone who comes in my shop, it's always nice when the "special" pieces go to someone I know a bit, who I know will appreciate it more. The drusy chrysocola pendant purchased in my first went to a somewhat older (as in age--she's 86) customer of mine, who's son and daughter-in-law buys from me quite regularly as well. She's a great person, travels extensively and, most importantly, has a wonderful sense of humor. And she loves my jewelry. What more could I ask?

I had put the piece in my window display and she happened to notice it as she walked by. No real selling involved here. Once she saw it, she just knew she had to have it. I wish it was this easy all the time!!!

In my next posting I'm going to get into some ethics issues revolving around the jewelry business as it seems to have come up a few times in the last few days.

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